Twitch star Amouranth saves small baby

The popular Twitch streamer Kaitlyn Siragusa Alias Amouranth is mainly known by their free movement of movement in front of the camera, but is also a successful business woman with a income of several million dollars monthly.

Also a big heart for animals has the 28-year-old, which would sometime withdraw from streaming business and would like to open a Gnadenhof for animals . Recently she even interrupted an ASMR livestream, to save a little baby hare life.

Your dog brings baby bunny in front of the camera

Her dog named Bear surprised the streamer during one of her daily twitch shows when he entered the room with a tiny baby bunny in mouth and brought the cracking animals to Amouranth in front of the camera.

Obviously, the huge Caucasian Owcharka found the helpless animal in the garden and wanted to help.

Has the bunny survived?

Immediately the American streamer interrupted their transfer, to take care of the bunny. On Twitter, she explained, she had supplied the young and food and bring it to a veterinarian ** the next morning.

Apparently, the efforts were worth it, because a few days later, Amouranth posted another picture on Twitter on which the tiny baby bunny must be seen and healthy .

That’s how the bunny is now

“He is now eating solid food and is very süüüüüß” comments on the “official” Playboy model the recording of the new pet in her care.

Auch as a rapper, Amouranth has already tried. Read more about it below.

Amouranth as a rapper

5 Streamers Who Ruined Their Careers In Seconds!

In January, Amouranth published her first rap song with music video on YouTube. If this gets a certain number of views, you would have a whole hip-hop album professionally, announced the streamer a little later. However, her first song is terrible and difficult to endure. But that has a reason as the 28-year-old explained about one month after the publication of the music videos.

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