Pokemon: The best game is underestimated hard

New Pokémon Snap is one of the best Pokémon games of all time – if not the best. From great graphic to gameplay, which suits Pokémon like the fist on the eye, the game has a lot to offer. A comment.

New Pokémon Snap, the Underdog

The Main Series Pokémon Game Tier List
In 2021 Pokémon celebrates its 25th anniversary and brings back to the solemn occasion a classic of the N64 era : Pokémon Snap. Unfortunately, the reboot “New Pokémon Snap” on the Switch to today is one of the unpopular series. And completely wrong!

With just two million units sold, Snap lies behind playing like Let’s Go, Evoli and Pikachu, which were sold by the 13.6 million times. This is a pity. After all, it makes so much right, what the main series and other games still do not create. (Source: Bisafans)

Stunning beautiful graphic

Both from the surroundings and the Pokémon itself, the main series can still cut off a disc from spin-off. **

_Sight you just look at how much nicer New Pokémon Snap looks like in comparison to other games of the series: _

New Pokémon Snap was developed by Bandai Namco , which could explain the pretty look. After all, Game Freak seemed to fight until recently with resolutions, textures, frame rate burglaries, bugs and other problems. Pokémon legends: Arceus was not a very nice game in the way.

Gameplay: sometimes something else

If you know a Pokémon game, you know them all – at least as far as the process and gameplay are concerned. From A to B race, Wild Pokémon catch and defeat other coaches until you are the champion.

What it rarely gives: good photo games. Few games have a photomodus that is important for the game or even the main gameplay mechanics. It has something extremely satisfying, if a great snapshot succeeds.

But hardly another game offers this experience. Breath of the game offers something similar with its optionally fillable HYRULE manual. The decisive difference is still because Pokémon simply the better photomotives are as flowers and bokblins. What we come to the next point

What makes it the best Pokémon game?

What the Pokémon series has always made so special, is – for me at least – not the gameplay. Good role-playing games are added. The heart of the series are at the end of the day the times cute, sometimes scary and also partially absurd creatures we all got to know over the years and learned.

Unfortunately, in the main series you get little of the personalities of the monsters. Fighting animations, designs and pokéex entries are the only clues, inform the players about how their Pokémon are so on.

That they have all the individual presence trains, life and behaviors, but is much better to watch in New Pokémon Snap. There you experience the animals in the wild and can interact with them themselves.

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