Ark: survival evolved

Dinosaur Survival “Ark: Ultimate Survivor Edition” September Released for Overseas Switch-Complete Edition with Game Main Hen and All DLC

Studio Wildcard is a package version / DL package full version “ ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition ” including the game main story and all DLCs of the game main story of the open world dinosaur survival “ ARK: Survival Evolved ” for overseas Nintendose switches In September 2022, it was decided to release it at $ 49.99 in September 2022.

ARK Ultimate Survivor Edition on Nintendo Switch!!?? What!??
This work is an action game that challenges severe survival with the open world where dinosaurs are struggling. Players will wake up on a mystery, awake, collect hunting, materials, and build a base, and live in a tough environment. It is possible to make your own companions or players by capturing more than 100 dinosaurs and ancient organisms inhabiting the island. Besides solo play, it also supports multiplayer multiplayer.

“Ark: Ultimate Survivor Edition” includes the base “ ark: survival Evolved ” and all additional DLC “Scorched Earth” “Aberration, Extinction” “Genesis Parts 1 & 2”. Also, in September, all players who have already owned the main story are to update that renewed all of the functionality, graphics and optimization. In addition, according to the release of this switch version, Studio Wildcard uses UE4 to create a code from 1 to overhole.

new function

  • ARK: New Cinematic Story Content, further expanding the story of Survival Evolved.

  • Custom server support by Nitrado server network.

  • “Young Explorer’s” mode. In this new educational mode you can travel epoch. Explore Ark Island and learn about the wonderful prehistoric organism that has become the inspiration of the game. You can also enjoy small children.

The ultimate full version “ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition” will be released in September 2022 for overseas Nintendose switches.