[Tech] This is a bulletproof phone. Smartphone

On the 17th (Sunday), the Social News website reddit, the smartphone and the awareness bar blocked 7.62mm shot of the Russian soldiers, and the post of the Ukrainian soldier came up.

The Ukrainian War Video report board (R / UkraineWarvideoReport) is a Ukrainian soldier who looked at the user U / Federalback0 of the Bulletin board (R / UkraineWarvideoReport) to the uploaded video of Ukrainian soldiers took out smartphones in his military pocket on his military pocket. Smartphones identified by colleagues were confirmed by Samsung Galaxy S21FE (Founders Edition), and the bullet is stuck in the case that the smartphone can not completely penetrate the smartphone display.

The post was 7,000 views and 400 comments, and a hot response was shown. “My grandfather is the first World War II, and the German bullet was moved to binoculars,”, “,”, “I’ve never seen a bullet in the museum”, “”, “Police Bat “It was said to be a variety of reactions and interest.

Intercepted call: Russian soldier brags to comrade about atrocities committed against Ukrainians

Meanwhile, the Russian army is intensive attack on the Ukrainian Don Basu, and the President of Ukraine is said on the 18th, and “Large-scale Russian army is heading to Ukraine, but how much of them, I have shown the will of the Lord.