Goodbye, Elin! MMORPG Terra, end of June service

The PC Nontargeting MMORPG released in 2011 will end up on June 30 and terminates the service. The 20th Krafton’s subsidiary Blue Hallstore announced this news on the homepage.

Blue Hall said, “I have been trying to provide a pleasant experience for you, but unfortunately, it was unfortunate, but in the present situation, it was judged that there is a limit to providing updates that will continue to be steadily satisfied in the future,” he said.

Paid goods sales, “Tereshop” stops the service on May 25, and new payment is also blocked from May 4. New Membership is suspended on June 20, and receives a refund for June 1 month. “After the first open beta in Korea on January 11, 2011, the Blue Hole was able to play with you so far, so that many guardians have enjoyed the game, and thanks to you, and thanks to you forever.

Currently, is also a service in the Team (domestic version), as well as a steam (overseas), console (PS4, Xbox). Steam and console version service end plans were not published. Domestic version of the steam version of the domestic version was not announced.

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