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Warzone Season 3 patch notes – buffs, nerfs and new content

It’s time for another Call of Duty Warzone Update! The players can look forward to a lot of season 3 and beyond, and we have everything you need to know below. As with any update, there will be some patchotes to Warzone Season 3, which you can watch – read further for more information about all the buffs and Nerfs from Raven Software.

The big top of the conversation of this season is of course the Warzone Godzilla event, which is pending in May – but this Warzone Season 3 Patchotes will not go into it. If you want to know more about it, you must wait for the release date of Operation Monarch.

At the moment there is still much, what you can look forward to. Warzone receives a lot of new content at the beginning of the 3rd season, and we have everything you need to know about it – and all balancing changes.

Warzone Season 3 Patchotes

At the moment we do not have the complete Warzone Season 3 patch notes of Raven Software. It was confirmed that next week before the release date of Warzone Season 3 will be available.

However, we have a roadmap for Warzone Season 3 – so here is everything we have learned from it:

  • New weapons
    • Shooting M1916 – available from market launch
    • Nikita AVT assault rifle – available from market launch
    • Sexhammer melee – available in the middle of the season
    • H4 Blixen SMG – Available middle of the season
  • Caldera card is changing
    • New Poi: excavation facility
    • Changes in the runway card – new structures around the main strip
    • Peak Map Changes – New structures rebuilt
    • Changes to the Lago Card – New way to the lighthouse
  • New Gulag
    • Cargo space – a symmetrical arena in the hold of a ship
  • New operators
    • Mateo Hernandez – available for start
    • Florence Carter – Available in the midsis

Warzone Map Changes, Trophy System, New Content, & More! | (Season 3 Roadmap)
* Kim Tae Young – Available middle of the season

Well, that’s all we know at the moment about the patch notes to Warzone Season 3. We will update this guide before the update with everything you need to know. For the time being, see the latest information about the Warzone Meta and our selection of the best Warzone Loadouts for Caldera and Rebirth Island.