VALORANT – SKINS RGX 11Z PRO: This is the new collection inspired by Gaming peripherals

Riot Games has announced the launch of a new cosmetic line for valorant . It is about the Skins RGX 11Z Pro . A collection of designs that has become the great “freestyle” of Riot Games. The developer has broken a bit the mold of the creation of aspects for weapons and has decanted by honor the Gamer culture . Many lucecites, typical colors of the peripherals of very well-known brands and transparent housings that will make us remember the day we rode the new tower of our PC.

All Skins from the RGX 11Z Pro collection

According to Riot Games, this cosmetic line has been one of the most difficult to create everything valorant . The developer not only faced technical challenges when making everything fit into the design and still not desel with the rest of the game, he also had to make decisions regarding when to stop adding details. The good thing is that they did not have to be as comedy as on other occasions, since cosmetics are in the highest price range currently. In that sense, the brake was rather the need to respect competitive integrity and general design standards.

The cosmetics will be available in the game on the occasion of the next event 3 of episode 4. Each of the weapons has a price of 2,125 pv and the full pack asses up to 8,700 Valorant Points . In this pack we will find all aspects, business card, graffiti and amulets for weapons. Just that are going to talk next, since it is time to take a look at each of them…







How do the RGX 11Z Pro Skins evolve with Radianita?

As with the most important cosmetics, there are different evolved forms (in addition to chromatic variants) that we can get with radianite. In the case of RGX 11Z Pro Skins, these are possible changes:

  • Level 1 : Unique weapon model
  • Level 2 : Improved visual effects
  • Level 3 : New animation when inspecting and changing LEDs color
  • Level 4 : Auction Animation
  • Level 5 : Counter of murder

As for the knife…

  • Level 1 : Unique weapon model
  • Level 2 : Randomization of colors when inspecting (rainbow effect)