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Marvel’s Spider-Man: Update Remastered en vivo in PlayStation 5, notes del parche published

The PlayStation 5 version of Spider-Man de Marvel: Remasterized has received a new update of the Insomniac Games developer, taking it to version 1,0007. The update was launched after the PlayStation announcement that several PS5 titles have now received a variable update frequency function, on which readers can obtain more information here. However, that is not the only change that has been made after today’s update, since there is also a new visualization mode and improvements in the game of the game. Complete notes of the Insomniac Patch Official Website can be found below:

New features

  • 120 Hz visualization mode (together with the system configuration)
    • Reduces entry latency
    • Increase the photograms objective of the Fidelity FPS graphics mode
  • VRR support through system configuration
    • When 120 Hz visualization mode is disabled, it slightly increases the dynamic resolution objectives
    • When the 120 Hz visualization mode is activated, the frame speed is unlocked and varies according to the game.
  • Improvements in the quality of reflection with ray path at angles of look at low dynamic resolution scenarios

Hopefully these new features will make the game even more fun! The Marvel Spider-Man debuted for the first time on PlayStation 4 in 2018, but a remastered version was launched together with Spider-man from Marvel: thousands Morales on PS5 in 2020. Those current games will have to help Spider-Man fans until The launch of _ The Marvel Spider Man 2_, which was officially announced last year. At this time, the official details are quite scarce with respect to the sequel, but you will see the return of Peter Parker and Miles Morales. The teaser also gave the spectators a brief look at Venom, whom Tony Todd will express in the game. At the time of writing this article, a launch window for the sequel has not been provided, although it is not expected until at least 2023.

Spider-man from Marvel: Remasterized It is now available, exclusively in PlayStation 5. You can consult all our previous coverage of the game here.

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