Stuttgart goals have to leave the SGV Freiberg over

Mustafa Eünal had hoped for a “hello wax moment” with his Stuttgart goals after the recent 2-2 at 1. FC Bruchsal. But the coach’s words seemed to be wasted, at least the result of the Saturday caused bitter disappointment in the Degerloch district.

In the 1: 2 against FSV 08 Bietigheim-Bissingen, the doorbell rang immediately: goalkeeper Castellucci let a shot bounce off the side, Toth dusted off for the tour of the guests (2nd). The Bietigheimers were now able to concentrate on counterattacks and leave the majority of the ball of the ball.

21. Spieltag Oberliga BW Stuttgarter Kickers - SGV Freiberg Spielbericht
After a good half an hour, the goals, all in all superior, rewarded with the equalization. Baroudi fit too Blank, who with a sharp and at the same time placed shot to equalize in the Kreuzeck. A Dicklhuber shot broke past the goal shortly afterwards, so the 2600 spectators had to put all their hopes for the second phase of the game. In this, the blue ones were constantly searching for gaps in the opposing defense network, but acted too imprecisely and fatally caught a counter goal in the 65th minute: Landwehr fit from the wing into the middle, Gerezgiher brought the leather past Castellucci.

The closer the final whistle moved, the more the game shifted into half of the underdog. In the 80th minute, the goals fans already had the scream on their lips, but a Tunjic headball hit the crossbar. In the case of further degrees, the 2-2 was in the air, but either guest goalkeeper Welz was on the post or the shots narrowly missed the box. In addition to the defeat, the Ünal-Elf also had to cope with the loss of the league lead.

Freiberg strong in the center

The SGV Freiberg grabbed it. The fact that a 4: 1 should be on the scoreboard against the penultimate TSV Ilshofen after 90 minutes could not be guessed until the break, because in the first 45 minutes the sports and singing club missed opportunities in abundance. Including a penalty that brought red in the 32nd minute Mbodji because of its forbidden clarification on the goal line. Thermann started and pushed the ball over the gate. With the restart, the favorite hosts had found their noses in front of opponent’s goal again. In the 50th minute, the Freibergs first played the ball patiently in front of the penalty area, then Zinram hit the center of the right flank, where Grüttner broke the spell by head. Eight minutes later, Zinram flanked into the heart of the guest penalty again, this time Grüttner failed to goalkeeper Göltenboth, but Sökler pushed the rebound over the line. Ilshofen came through Rodewald in the 66th minute, but already in the 70th minute there was Sökler on the spot again, and he pushed a header on the net from a short distance. Ikpide scored the 4: 1 final score in the 74th minute. Shortly before, he had put a header template from the very best position, the SGV consistently pressed the ball at the subsequent kick -off, fought the ball and now Ikpide brought the ball into the goal.

Sanyang with a start

In the basement of the league, the teams are slowly losing the connection. In the rescued area, on the other hand, the SSV Reutlingen, which settled in the direct duel from Freiburg FC. In the first phase of the game, Reutlingen left in no way good chances against not bad Freiburg, but in the 59th minute a post shot from Schumann jumped exactly to Djermanovic, who dusted. Even if the FFC was now under pressure due to the table situation, the Breisgauer left many wishes open. Perhaps the SSV was just too strong, at least Sanyang had his 83rd minute almost negligent forgotten a minute later when he initially failed in a further pace, but the ball came back to the Reutlinger striker from goalkeeper Schindler that was successful in the second attempt.

A Doll goal in the 22nd minute led the sports union Neckarsulm past opponents FV Ravensburg and the relegation ranks are now ten points away. SV Oberachern was able to beat the 1st Göppinger SV 2: 1, and the SVO is the first club above the line of 14 points from 14th place that Freiburg FC takes.

In the late game of Saturday, the reserve from FC Astoria Walldorf could have overtaken the FFC and could get closer to the clubs on the saving bank. But all gray theory, rather the table-18. 1. FC Bruchsal on top form and won 4: 0. In a further duel between two owners of a relegation zone, the Sportfreunde Dorfmerkingen and the SV Linx diverge 2-2. Gallego Vazquez shot the sports fans twice in the lead (21st/64th), but Martin (44th) and Sert (89.) each replied.