Azur Lane: Crosswave takes the form of a ship with new screenshots and details before its release

Idea Factory International published its original RPG in free water azur Lane: Crosswave in Japan, where it has become a great success on the PlayStation 4. But now, the company prepares its release on our, Ahem, Shores, where it will certainly be a Great success for PS4 owners, as well as for PC.

Today, we have received more information on the game and published several new screenshots presenting the azur lane heroines. It’s true, not only do you arrive on the high seas to fight, but you do it with very cute warriors.

The players actually develop a relationship with their “secretary ships” in the game. By greeting them, they work with these characters to increase their affection, to the point that it can reach “love” status. From there, they have the choice to marry them, but we do not know if it gives you a boost to combat or not.

Azur Lane: Crosswave offers a story mode, which focuses on two new recruits in the Sakura Empire. Shimakaze and Suruga join the crew, and their timing could not be better. Peace between four nations is broken by a joint military exercise, forcing everyone to prepare for the ultimate battle. As for why the exercise was launched – or, more specifically, which launched it – the players will discover it during the mode.

Throughout their trip, you will travel through an ocean card with your “secretary ships”, participating in random events and battles. In addition, you can also recover elements and participate in “conversation events”, some of which are illustrated in screenshots.

Unboxing the Azur Lane: Crosswave Limited Edition!

By participating in battles 3 against 3, you will win points A. These can be returned to search for allies to build your fleet even further, preparing you against the thugs nations.

If that is not enough, Azur Lane: Crosswave will also include an extreme combat mode. This provides more difficult fights to participate with stronger fleets and growing difficulty. But by participating and winning, you have the chance to leave with rare objects and to trigger “special events”.

There is also a photo mode, where you can take pictures of your favorite characters and show them. Up to three characters can be staged at the same time, in different poses.

Finally, an episode mode allows you to unlock “hidden events” during the game. You will find a “new side” to the different characters, learning something or two about them. (Maybe you are waiting for this marriage until you learn everything you need, yes?) You will also discover new arrivals in each of the four nations of the game, including your Sakura Empire, as well as the Eagle Union, the Royal Navy and Iron Blood.

Azur Lane: Crosswave is sure to please those who love anime games, romantic adventures and fights on the high seas. Make sure to check it when it will arrive next month.