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This persona 5 scene deeply disturbed me and was rightly painted

As in most other games, there are also some scenes in Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal that have not made it into play. And with the sequence that Twitter user FAZ recently shared, I am even very happy that Atlus has set the red pencil here.

“I’ll be sure that I will collect your bones”

This Persona 5 scene was supposed to be even WORSE

It is about this scene: The lower video shows an unused version of the dialogue or cut-sequence, which takes place immediately after the completion of Shidos Palace. The Phantom Thieves can barely escape the palace because Ryuji puts his life at risk of saving his cronies. Shortly before the Phantom Thieves return to the real world, there is an explosion and Ryuji’s fate remains uncertain.

Did he survive? Fortunately, as it turns out later. After his surprising return, Ryuji triggers a less attached joke, whereupon his friends beat him up. So the scene in the original. However, the painted version is still a whole trace of bizarre – and harder (via gamerant).

Here you can watch the video with the scene said:

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In the rejected dialogue sequence, for example, Makoto to Ryuji says that they will be sure to collect its bones. “I wonder how Ryuji looks dead,” says Futaba. Shortly thereafter, the phantom Thieves Ryuji beat the diaper soft as in the original version, but the scene is really disturbing due to these hard sentences.

Linda Sprenger

[email protected]_de

Linda Sprenger has been 4 Golden since Persona, which she searched at the Playstation Vita, huge fan of the series and of course also spent countless hours of play with the successor. But as much as she loves the JRPG, sometimes the devs overdo it with their humor.

Phew, luckily these lines did not make it into the final game, because Makoto, Futaba, Yusuke and Co. act completely “out of characters” here. They just don’t go with the Phantom Thieves.

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