Kanye West launched a very moving Nintendo game for Shigeru Miyamoto

Apparently, Kanye West went to E3 in 2015 to locate Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo and offer him a video game. Kanye West is a bit ambitious when it comes to his passions. He strives to obtain the best and most exclusive content he can provide. His concerts are more than shows with a person singing on stage, they are experiences. Kanye West has managed to ensure IMAX projections for his concerts in the past and built elaborate scenarios to tell a very specific story, among many other things. All this is to say that Kanye is a very determined person and possibly a perfectionist.

The drama between Nintendo and Kanye West

He makes sense that he wants to work with the company that launches some of the best games of all time. According to Zachary Ryan, he was finishing an interview with Miyamoto when Kanye West’s theme arose. Miyamoto immediately moved and began to tell a story of the E3 2015. Miyamoto said that Kanye arrived at the Nintendo stand without programming it and demanded an audience with the presence of Miyamoto. Then, the acclaimed rapper took out a prototype of a game on his late mother, Donda West, flying to heaven. Miyamoto described him as “interesting” and “very moving”, but finally nothing was. Reggie Fils-Aime revealed a few years ago that there was a meeting between Nintendo and Kanye West, but Nintendo could not collaborate with him due to how busy they were with other projects and apparently felt they were not suitable for him..

In the E3 2016, Kanye West officially announced the game with a trailertitulating it _ only one_. It is a fairly beautiful appearance game that was destined to launch on mobile devices, but never launched. It remains to see if Kanye will ever find the right team or not to help him do this exciting project, but it is certainly one of the most unique stories that come from Nintendo.

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