Dungoons & Dragons: Dark Sun will make a cameo in Spelljammer?

Dark Sun Campaign Setting The Complete Guide
Several dark sun monsters will appear in calabozos and dragons Last month, Wizards of the Coast announced that he would publish a box of three books entitled Spelljammer: Adventures in Space. , _ that will serve to restart classic campaign configuration for the first time in almost 30 years. However, the recent previous views of the stage indicate that it could also incorporate aspects of a different scenario: the popular post-apocalyptic scenario Dark Sun.

Last month, Wizards of the Coast launched its first monstrous compliance, _ a free online supplement that contains ten monsters linked to Spelljammer. He _ Monstrous Compendium_ contained a mixture of classic and new monsters, including Nightmare Beast, a monster that originated in Athas, the world that appears in Dark Sun. A recent advance of Spelljammer’s theme miniatures that Wizkids will launch at the end of this year indicated that spelljammer: adventures in space will feature Braxat and Ssurran, two monstrous races that also originally appeared on the stage of the Dark Sun campaign.

One of Spelljammer’s central concepts is that players can travel among different worlds using magical ships, which theoretically means that a player can travel from Orth (the location of the Greyhawk campaign stage) to Toril (home from Forgotten Realms). So, it is certainly possible that players can travel to Athas using a Spelljamming helmet. However, the presence of so many dark sun monsters suggests that Spelljammer will have some ways.

Originally launched in 1991 (after the launch of Spelljammer), Dark Sun presented a dark post-apocalyptic world with sets of unique rules and shots of D&D fantasy. Wizards of the Coast reviewed Dark Sun as part of its Fourth Edition D&D Products line, but the configuration has not been mentioned much in any of the D&D products 5th edition. However, calabozos y Dragones brought several psionic subclasses in the launch of 2020 _the Tasha guide for everything, _ that were a key component of the basic rules of Dark Sun.

Last year, the director of the D&D Design Study, Ray Winninger, said that a classic campaign stage would make a “cameo” in 2022. According to what we have seen of Spelljammer so far, it seems that Dark Sun could obtain at least one at least one Fleece mention later. this year. It remains to be seen if that means that we will see a more complete launch of Dark Sun in 2023, but Wizards of the Coast noticed that another classic campaign configuration was being developed for the launch of a new product.