Elden Ring Dark Moon Greatword Build: statistics, armor, talisman and more

The toughest battles in Elden Ring can lead to the greatest rewards. Such an example of this fact is the Dark Moon Greatword, a weapon that can only be found after you have followed a complicated quest series that unlocks a completely new end for the history of the game. Variations of this weapon have appeared in numerous from software titles, and their impressive skills will certainly continue to attract thousands of players. Like other weapons that require the Intelligenzattribut, the players who benefit most from a Dark Moon Greatword-Build are magic boots who need a great tool for close combat.

Elden Ring Dark Moon Großchwert Build

The size of the dark moon requires 16 strength, 11 skill and 38 intelligence to use it effectively. The scaling of strength and skill is very low and relatively similar, while the scaling of intelligence is mainly relevant for the magical damage of the weapon. Therefore, players should increase intelligence and their choice between strength or skill in order to increase the effectiveness of this weapon . Surprisingly, spirit may not be relevant for the major sword itself; The weapon’s warrior requires a considerable amount of FP to be worked, but it simply uses a buff that enables the sword to fire projectiles at no additional costs. Players should only focus on increasing spirit for other magicism that they may want to use.

Elden Ring - Super Powerful Dark Moon Greatsword Build (Level 200 Build)
The best armor set for this weapon is the spellblade armor set. Each part of this set increases the self-imposed buff of the dark moon, so that it can cause more damage with its magical projectile. If you want more suitable armor, the snow -sex hat increases the damage from frost magic. This does not affect the projectiles of the dark moon, but can be used with other witchcraft to more easily add the frost status. Useful talismans are Godfreys icon and the shard of Alexander, both of whom will further increase the damage of these projectiles.

Some may argue that the moon veil katana is a better weapon for magicians, since it places fewer requirements and fires projectiles much faster. Since it is a katana, however, it requires a little more of your attributes to keep up with the damage. The Dark Moon Greatword also causes frost status in contrast to bleeding, which means that it exceeds the Katana against mighty enemies that are immune to bleeding. This classic FromSoftware weapon has a few tricks your sleeve, and players with the right build can use these tricks to make this big sword one of the best objects in the game.

Eldenring is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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