Dislyte Valid Codes List and Rewards May 2022

Dislyte is a free-to-play MMORPG game in a medieval fantasy world. Players will enjoy the beauty of the landscape, diverse quests and monsters, and the opportunity to collect an enormous variety of items. We want to ensure you have plenty of delights awaiting you, so we offer gift codes for free rewards or promotional items to our players.

This Dislyte Valid Codes Tips will help those who haven’t yet used their code understand how it works, what codes are still available, and which ones are no longer valid.

Like AFK Arena, Lilith Games likes to pamper its players by offering gift codes to enjoy free rewards. In this guide, we explain how to use a code in Dislyte and the list of valid codes and those that are no longer available.

How to redeem a code in Dislyte?
To use one of the codes that Lilith Games gives you, you will only have to go to your Profile (located in the upper left part of your screen). Once on this page, go to Settings (bottom right of your screen) and then Services. You have to click on Gift Code (in the Service submenu of the game) within the services page and enter your code there.
By confirming, you will be able to receive their products in Messages, which is located on the right of the screen when you are in the main menu of the game. Here are some screenshots of our colleagues from MGG.

List of gift codes available in May 2022 for Dislyte
Now that you know how to redeem a gift code, you need to know them to enjoy multiple rewards. Some codes may have a limited shelf life, but rest assured, we’ll make sure to make that clear so you can take advantage of them in time. If no indication is made, it can be said that they will not end. Please note that codes can only be used once and on one account.

The list of valid codes:
This list is updated periodically.
Zoxlyte – 10,000 gold and 10 Nexus Crystals (Use it first, as it won’t be available if you use another code first)
JoinDislyte -100 core crystals and one gold disc (1 summon)
LingBigYong: – 100,000 Gold, 50 Core Crystals, and 5 Divine Wave Option Base Packs
StSkiCrimax – 1 Stamina Supply Pack, 2 Storm Disc Fragments, 1 XP Accelerator (8h)
TGTyoutube – 1 Rare Stadium, 4 basic Experieum, 50 Core Crystals, and 1 XP Booster (8h)

If Lilith Games releases more codes, we’ll be sure to update this article so you can take advantage of all the free Dislyte rewards. Feel free to refer to this guide regularly to ensure you don’t miss out on a golden opportunity.