Tanks and fighters are used by monsters

This project is an interview with the developer of the new indie game that you are interested in. This time, we will deliver a mini -in -tube to developers for developers, 2D -turn strategy, 2D -turn strategy released on April 28 for PC/Mac/Linux, developed by Foolish Mortals Games and Michael Long. 。

This is a strategy game that uses fighters and tanks to attack monsters. The command of the army (who seems to have no win), create a facility, use abandoned stone tanks and fighters, gain time from monsters that are strong every time they attack and protect the city. It has already been supported in Japanese.

“Kaiju Wars” is being distributed for 2,050 yen.

— First, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

Michael Long (Michael) Hello. This is MICHAEL LONG. I have been making innovative strategy games in Canada, a very cold wildland. My favorite game is WarCraft 3.

――Why did this work developed?

Michael My brother created a board game inspired by Godzilla in the summer. After repeated test play, we came to the conclusion that the movement of the monsters would be more interesting if it was a PC game. When developing the game system of this work, it was very useful to create a prototype in a board game.

―― Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

Michael This work is the only strategy game that encourages you to lose your unit. The most effective use of tanks and fighters is to be crushed by monsters. Players cannot defeat monsters. You can only delay the attack. By dare to make a sacrificed base, you can change the path of monsters and keep monsters away from the base.

— Is there any work influenced by this work?

Michael As a child, we played a lot of NES game “GODZILLA 2: War of the Monsters (not released in Japan)”. It wasn’t good, but it was a great concept game. Strangely, the game of “a large number of human troops fighting enemies that cannot be stopped (quantity VS quality)” rarely appeared.

――What had an impact on the development of the new Coronavirus?

Michael was not so much. Before the new Corona, we have been working at home.

――Is it okay to distribute or monetize this work?

Michael Yes, it’s okay.

– Finally, please give a message to Japanese readers.

Michael We love the genre of monsters. I would be glad if everyone in Japan could know that this work is a love letter to this genre. If you like Godzilla, Gamera, and other monster movies, please play this work (the trial version is free!).

–thank you.