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The Real World Metaversum from Niantic: Soon also in Pokemon Go

The corona apandemia, which is (still still) tanging around the world, is now becoming an endemic in one or the other region… or is simply declared over by some people. While in mid -May 2022, large cities are again cordoned off in Asia due to outbreaks of virus, so much in the western world all facial shells fall.

The Future of Pokemon Go in AR? Accessing the Metaverse? Coatue invests $300 Million in Niantic
The developers of Pokémon Go also don’t want to hold back, and their players don’t. Because Pokémon Go was originally intended for people to come out of fresh air thanks to AR-Gaming, the developers are gradually driving back the Corona bonus. The latest victim will be the free remote raid passes that you currently get from the weekly box in the shop once a week. “From May 23, the box for 1 Poké coin will no longer contain a distant raid pass, but a changing selection of items,” says Niantics.

The Real World Metaverse from Niantic comes to Pokémon Go

Already in Ingress, Niantic’s people test all sorts of social features that allow you to find players (in the case: mitagent) with a separate community app. These social features include

  • Local #Communities: You can create local communities to find other players.

  • Niantic friends: You can add friends and other agents and manage your friends from all Niantic titles.
  • Direct messages and group chats: You can centralize chats with friends and organize field ops.
  • Live events: You can quickly and easily create local events, farms or meetups with memories and invite the community to participate.

What has been tried in the Ingress community since the beginning of May 2022 will also find its way into Pokémon Go in the coming months. “The new features for social exchange are partly in a separate Niantic app and have been tested over a longer period of time. They will be introduced in Pokémon GO in the coming months. These features should make communication among the trainers easier, the search for communities enable and make RAID fights on site more worthwhile, “said the developers. If you want to look at the thing from which these social features are to be adopted, click here.

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