Wemade Mir M pre -test end, last quenching

Wemade ends the preliminary test of masterpiece MMORPG Mir M: Vanguard & Baga Bond (Mir M) and starts the last quenching for formal services.

Mir M checked the overall game operation, including content balance and server stability, through a pre -test conducted from 19th to 22nd. Mir M’s core contents such as the worldview, 8-way grid-quota view, which inherits Mir’s legendary legitimacy, and a high-level growth system that is unique to Mir, and a fierce battle of large-scale people, Sura Daejeon and Munpa Daejeon. Tested.

Wemade plans to do its best to show more complete games based on the pre -test results. The preliminary test survey will be held until the 23rd, and will be presented with a limited edition package, “Pioneer of the Continent,” which can be used after the official launch.

Meanwhile, on the official YouTube channel, the new ‘Mir M’ new cinematic video ‘War and Adventure Era’ was released. Pre -booking and details for Mir M, such as cinematic video, can be found on the brand site.