Apex Legends‘ Bleed-Effekt-Bug-Tanking-Battle-Royale

One can certainly say that there are some reasons why Apex Legends is currently one of the most popular Battle Royale games on the market. One of these reasons is the fact that there is so much going on in the Battle Royale shooter from respawn entertainment. If you are someone who suffers in the middle of a fight in the game, we may know why this is so. A player has found that the bleeding effect of Apex Legends (which appears on the screen when they are damaged) is actually the cause of the problems-at least for him.

Go to Reddit to ask for help, ‘appropriate right-9737’ shared a number of screenshots that show a frame rate of 10 fps or more if the “low-health overlay” (which we the bleed Name effect) appear on the screen.

The initial numbers you offer come from a standing position in the APEX Legends firing area. However, you report higher frames when this effect occurs when sprinting and “even bigger numbers” in the game, as you can imagine. The Reddit user rightly notes that this is essentially punished by players who harm in a fight while playing on hardware with lower specifications-because they cannot defend themselves so effectively.

At the moment there is no way for players to deactivate this overlay-what the Reddit user suggests could be a way for respawn entertainment to enable players to improve the performance of their game.

Interestingly, a technical game designer not mentioned at Respawn Entertainment under the user name “Robothavgunz” commented on the answers of the contribution to comment on the situation-but no solution.

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The developer has suggested that reducing the settings, wherever possible, is the best way to combat the problem, explained that “it is always a difficult balance between work to ensure that experience on older computers It is good and at the same time ensure that players on recent hardware harvest the advantages they expect. ”

They also reveal that they regularly play Apex Legends on an Xbox One that does not suffer from frame rate burglaries. Robothavgunz explains that this could be due to the fact that Battle Royale does not get higher than 60 fps on the platform, but cannot confirm this. However, you said that you will speak to the APEX Legends UIUX team-so we may see a fix in a future update.

But at the moment it looks as if players who suffer from frame rate burglaries due to the Apex Legends Bleed effect and other status overlays on the screen simply have to suffer-or try to lower their settings to the increased demand of the To counteract the game. If you want to make sure that you are in the best position to go into a game, you can look at our APEX Legends ranking here-or the recent unveiling that an APEX Legends developer believes that the Battle Royale here Test servers would benefit.