Epic Games distributes a promotional code for Genshin Impact and gifts for Naraka: BladePoint


The company Epic Games in the third week of the Megaras-Said promotion offers anyone who wants to not only take the Wolfenstein shooter: The New Order, but also to get pleasant gifts for the adventure action of Genshin Impact and the Royal Battle of Naraka: BladePoint.

For Genshin Impact: Go to the Megashekh page, after clicking the receive button to the email, which was used when registering an account in EGS, a promotional code with explanations for its activation will come. You can pick it up until June 9, and activated-until July 9. After activation of the promotional code, you will gain the experience of the hero X5, the magical ore of strengthening X10, the X80,000 mora and the egg fortress X5.

For Naraka: BladePoint: Gifts are available only for those who play through EGS and have reached level 10. They will receive a message in the game with cosmetic objects, amplifiers and currency. Beginners and previously registered players when reaching 10 up to June 11 will receive: Lucky Lantern headpiece, two cards of a 10-fold experiment bonus, two cards of 10-fold strengthening of combat pass and 6000 TAE coins.