Where to find the Fortnite Bolonchos Vehicle to complete the first challenge of season 3

Bolonchos are back in fashion in Fortnite: Battle Royale, and it’s put on a pedestal during Season 3, as Epic Games has erected a veritable rollercoaster-like circuit atop the former buried headquarters of the evil IO organization. . One of the first challenges of the season concerns these extraordinary vehicles.

He will ask you to travel more than 2000 meters (or two kilometers) in one of these very quirky vehicles. Such a distance is not impossible on board these bubbles. Still, it will be much more complicated to find one that is operational (especially at the beginning of the season, when the novelties are trendy among the players) without having to die trying.

The best location to find the Bolonchos

To find one of these Mobile Balls, by far the best landing place is the place called the old buried headquarters, now turned into an amusement park. Please take one of them directly and launch yourself into the roller coaster circuit. All you have to do is obediently follow the course for 2000 meters to complete this challenge! We recommend that you land on the bear’s giant pink head, inside of which you will find moving Bubbles.

Rewards for completing the challenge
This challenge grants you a modest sum of 15,000 experience points. While it sounds like a lot, the progression in the Battle Passes this season will be slower than before. It is better not to miss out on such a simple challenge and quickly gain experience points than to complicate our lives with the most annoying ones.

Many rival players will also try to take these Bolonchos in this same place, so opt to take one of these vehicles rather than go for chests and weapons if you want to secure this challenge.