Which Horror Games You Don’t Know But Worth Playing?

Many people do not know the first thing about games and are not familiar with what is happening in the industry market. The TechTudo team will help you fill this gap by providing lists of 10 horror games that should be on your radar in a ranking!

You are not a fan of the horror genre, and you prefer to avoid the games that make you scared? But what if I told you that there are other options out there? Come on, admit it – even you have some curiosity about this type of game! With this in mind, Techtudo has prepared a list of 10 horror games still unknown to many but indispensable for the genre’s fans.

The Medium

Released in January 2021, The Medium was one of the first games of the new generation of consoles. It features a story in which a psychic travels to an abandoned resort to solve a dark mystery. The gameplay is in the first person, and to continue the plot, and the player must use the main character’s psychic powers and solve several puzzles. The difference in the title takes place both on the natural plane and on the spiritual plane.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent was released in 2010 for PC. The title tells the story of Daniel, who has lost his memory and must explore a spooky castle while regaining his memories. The game’s setting is frightening and brings a first-person view that helps to increase the horror atmosphere.


With a first-person view, the game mixes hyper-realistic elements with others that came out of the protagonist’s mind. The Visage takes place in a vast house, and the player soon discovers that terrible things have happened there. For some reason, the character starts to see the memories of people who died in the house.
The game is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. On Steam while on the PS Store and the Microsoft Store. It’s worth noting that Visage is public in the Game Pass catalog, Microsoft’s game subscription service.

Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear was released in 2016 and featured first-person gameplay. In the game, the player controls a psychologically disturbed painter. The objective is to finish the protagonist’s masterpiece. For this, it is necessary to explore the mansion where he lives to get information on how to continue his work. The point is that the story of this artist is very dark and tragic.

The Forest

The Forest immediately features a man who was in a plane crash but survived the crash. The problem is that he has fallen into a forest full of cannibals, beings that feed on human flesh. In this way, the player must look for ways to stay alive on the island without dying of hunger, thirst, or frightening creatures.


Phasmophobia was one of the great successes of 2020 for bringing cooperative gameplay to up to four people. In the game, users must enter a haunted place to investigate the ghosts there. The objective is to prove the paranormal activity in the place. The game is available for $27.89 for PC (via Steam ) and is a cheap option to have fun (or be scared) with friends.

Inside + Limbo

The same developer released both games. In addition, both the theme and the gameplay of the two are similar. Limbo came first in 2010 and told the story of a boy who searches for his sister in a place that seems to be the land of the dead. On the other hand, Inside tells the story of a boy who struggles to survive against evil forces. This entity attempts to rule the world and controls human bodies in horrific ways.
Both games are available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Inside was also released for Nintendo Switch.

Observer: System Redux

The player controls Daniel Lazarski, a neural detective known as The Observer, in the year 2084. From the same studios as Layers of Fear, Observer innovates by bringing a plot that takes place in a cyberpunk future. The gameplay consists of Daniel hacking into suspects’ minds and facing his worst fears to get clues to the cases he works on.


Soma was released in 2015 by the same studio as Amnesia: The Dark Ascent and features a plot that mixes science fiction with horror. The player follows the story of Jarrett, who wakes up disoriented in a submerged research facility. The game is based on the investigation, through puzzles, to find out how he ended up there.


With an overhead view of the environment, Darkwood is set in a forest in Poland at the time of the Soviet Union. Without appealing so much to scares, the game stands out for bringing a very well-created suspense atmosphere. The game allows for exploration and has a storyline that changes according to the user’s decisions.