Marvel’s Midnight Suns have a date and a new trailer full of darkness in Summer Game Fest

There was no need to play cards because his presence was confirmed for the Summer Game Fest. But, after a long absence and a delay until next year, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is back in a big event, and we already have a new video and news about the latest work of the creators of XCOM.

The conference presented by Geoff Keighley has left us with a most spectacular video with numerous heroes full of energy, such as Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Venom, Hulk, and even the Scarlet Witch.

The ace in the sleeve of Firaxis with Marvel
In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you play as the Hunter, the offspring of Lilith, the game’s main antagonist. You’ve faced her in the past, and that’s why the Midnight Suns decided to wake you up from her. The Hunter will be completely customizable both in terms of appearance and powers.

Between missions, your superheroes gather at the Abbey, which serves as their base. Then the area will be explored in the third person. You can develop your relationships with the other superheroes by talking to them or participating in activities like a card game with Tony Stark, a duel with Captain Marvel, or playing a game. You will be free to choose between more than 40 different powers with other options. They can be light and similar to those of Iron Man or Captain America, or on the contrary, darker and inspired by the powers of Ghost Rider and Blade, for example.

Unfortunately, the studio released a statement to update the development status, admitting that the release window is now the second half of 2022, several months later than initially planned. We finally know a release date, specifically October 7 of this year.