Beautiful than Skyrim: Minecraft

The open worlds of Skyrim, Zelda: Breath of the Wild or The Witcher 3 are still surprised by the players. The pixel game Minecraft can additionally radiate with a breathtakingly lovely landscape. In a Reddit video, a player provides exactly how wonderful the world of the survival game can look.

fan makes Minecrafts world even more powerful

With the second part of the Caves as well as Cliffs updates , Minecraft has actually put on a correct shovel in the world generation as well as radiates with better landscapes.

With a speculative variation of the 1.18 patch, the gamer Jojos38 displayed in a video clip before the Mega update was published just how a lot a lot more fascinating as well as more gorgeous the landscape of Minecraft can be:

With these hill landscapes , the developer even surpasses the impressive optimals that Mojang created for the survival adventure.


The world shown is a predefined map , in which shaders as well as mods were effectively helped to accomplish this outcome.

Reddit celebrates the Skyrim-like view

On Reddit, the remarkable video currently accumulates over 38,000 upvotes as well as is commended in the highest possible tones.

The make distance of the world guarantees the greatest affection: since such a landscape, consisting of the various mods, consumes a significant amount of calculating power, which the developer also validates in the string.

The remarkable view of the mountain summit is compared by lots of with game smash hits like The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim or a The Tale of Zelda: Breath of bush.

An additional gamer drives it to the extreme as well as pleases extra realistic look ** out of Minecraft, as this Reddit post shows:

Such globes do not expect you in the survival video game regardless of the caves-and-cliffs update. To develop this image, the developer has actually aided with additional software program . The outcome is exceptional.

_ Ihr intends to see additional excellent optics from Minecraft? Take an appearance at this image series with sensible buildings in the survival game: _

What do you say about the impressive landscape in Minecraft? Can Skyrim, Zelda and The Witcher 3 currently suffice?

To create this photo, the creator has actually aided with added software program .

The open globes of Skyrim, Zelda: Breath of the Wild or The Witcher 3 are still amazed by the players. In a Reddit video clip, a gamer provides just how wonderful the world of the survival game can look.