Young Mill panic to raise interest rates… Look at the bank -by -bank lending rate

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) has held an open market committee and raises the scope of federal funds, which is the base rate, 0.75%p (75bp), and domestic loans are keen on. The Bank of Korea, a central bank in Korea, does not exclude the ‘Big Step’, which raises the base rate by 50bp to reduce the interest rate difference between the US and Korea.

On the 16th, banknote officials are not immediately raised even if the base rate is raised, but the loan-linked bonds and procurement rates are raised, so they are reflected in sequentially, so they are cautious about the loan repayment or the establishment of a new loan plan.

The five banks’ loan interlocking rates depend on whether it is a charter loan or a mortgage loan. In addition, in the case of mortgage loans, there is a variable type that changes the interest rate periodically according to the annual interest rate standard, and there is a mixed type where interest rates have been fixed for a certain period of time.

In terms of banks, KB Kookmin Bank’s charter loans use 6 months and 12 months based on new co-fixing amounts. Mortgage loan variable type is fixed for 5 years of financial bonds and mixed type of financial bonds for five-year interest rates, but the five-year financial interest rate is applied every five years.

Shinhan Bank’s charter loan is a wider choice than other banks, as it uses 1 year of financial bonds, two-year water, and the new amount of co-pixes and balance. Mortgage loans are changed based on the new handling of co-fixes, and the mixed type is fixed at a five-year interest rate for financial bonds, like KB Kookmin Bank, and then the five-year financial interest rate will be applied later.

Hana Bank’s charter loan is linked to six months of financial bonds. The mortgage variable type is 6 months in financial bonds, and interest rates change every six months. The mixed type will be applied for five-year financial bonds for five years and then turned into a six-month financial bond.

Woori Bank’s charter loan is 6 months and 12 months of new Copix. Mortgage loans will be changed to 6 months of new Copix and the mixed type of co-fix after five years of financial bonds.

In the case of NH Nonghyup Bank, the charter loan is 6 months and 24 months. Normally, since the time of the charter loan agreement is 2 years (24 months), if you choose 24 months, you can enjoy the fixed rate effect of the lease contract period. The mortgage variable type consists of 6 months of new Copix handling and 5 years of financial bonds+6 months of financial bonds.

The annual interest rate has been rising just before the US interest rate hike, so it is observed that the interest burden can be reduced by carefully developing a loan plan. According to the Banking Federation on the 15th, the new co-fixed handling in May was 1.98%, up 0.14%p from the previous month. This is the highest since March 2019 (1.94%).

Most banks’ interest rates for five-year financial bonds used by mortgage loans have exceeded 4%. As of the 15th, the five-year interest rate for financial bonds is 4.068%.

Banks say that the banks will be equipped with borrowers’ credit and bank margins, so if you receive a new mortgage loan, the bank will be set at 6-8%per year. It is already known that the top of the mortgage fixed rate is more than 7%per year.

Bank industry officials said, The longer the interest rate is fixed, the higher the interest rate, but it may be a better choice in the interest rate hike. I have to do it.