How to customize and turn your captures and PS5 recordings with memes with Share Factory Studios bits

Share Factory Studio , the PS5 content editor, receives a new function: the bits. In essence, it is a simple tool to customize the captures and recordings that you already have adding a new type of animated effects, and in Vidaxtra we will teach you to get the most out of it.


What are bits and how to use them

The essentials: although Share Factory Studio is installed as standard on PS5, you will have to update the application to appear the new Bits editor function in the menu, which does not go unnoticed. From there, it will preside over the options already available.

The way in which bits are organized is divided into four blocks: popular bits, new bits, classic bits and fast editing . In each and every one of the bits an enormous sample capture and a track on the themes are offered.

The idea is that we make the great moments special or add an extra humor to our pifias, but above all that we are creative and original when giving an extra personality to the captures we already have.

How to create a meme or a personalized capture from PS5

Once we have selected the bit that we want to use, we can choose our capture, whether video or image, and will be taken directly to the editor. In case of a recording we can choose the moment using the dualsense buttons and sticks.

An essential fact is that using the R2 button of the command we can see a preview of the footage. When we are satisfied, it will be enough to press the X button, although it is still possible to add more elements if we want.

We can give chamber effects, manage time and add other changes on the fly. And if we are not yet satisfied with the result, keep the project and continue it when we are more inspired.

From here, if we like our creation, it will be enough to hold the Triangle (△) button of the Dualsense and we will have generated our bit. As simple as it sounds.

How to share and publish a bit from PS5

Once we have completed the edition of our meme or personalized capture, it will be stored in the console media gallery. From there we can save it, publish it directly or take it to a pendrive. However, there is also the option to publish it directly from Share Factory Studio.

Both at the end of creating our bit and from our gallery we will be given the option to share it to other contacts via message as well as the accounts we have linked to our console, such as Twitter or YouTube. From there, we choose the recipient and send it. Logically, we will need to have an Internet connection.

The result? In very few seconds you can make small large creations, and to show the following example:

The new bits function for Share Factory Studio is perfect whether it accumulates lots of captures and recordings of your favorite games as you like to share the most epic and fun moments. From here you have to squeeze your possibilities to the maximum.