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Open World Hunting FPS Way of the Hunter Released on August 16th, where real nature awaits

THQ Nordic announced that Nine Rocks Games will release the open world hunting FPS Way of the Hunter on August 16 local time for PC/console.

This work is an open world hunting shooting set in a vast, beautiful and realistic nature. Single play and online cooperative play are possible. The player will be a hunter who has just taken over his grandfather’s hunting hut and will search for two open worlds, the United States and Europe, simulated the 55-square miles and wildlife ecosystems. The breathtaking nature has a variety of biomes (organisms), and there are many real hunting equipment and weapons, such as real license guns and scope, and the real operability of firearms and the physical physical physical. The nature is also a feature of this work.


  • A variety of animal species that act like a real thing expressed to the details allows a high immersive hunting experience.

  • Cooperation mode where you can adventure with your friends and enjoy the best hunting


  • Highlights of animal traces, blood analysis, and shooting analysis functions by reproduction of bullet cameras allow you to hunt like a professional

  • Two hunting areas of 55 square miles each

  • Realistic trajectory and bullet physical simulation

  • Sophisticated and natural animation of animals that senses the existence of players

  • The struggle of a family who runs a hunting business and the impressive story of conflicts and friendship surrounding it

  • Complex trophy systems that generate unique branch angles and corners due to multiple factors such as constitution and age

  • Fire analysis by a playable bullet camera

Way of the Hunter supports Japanese and will be released on Windows (Steam,, Epic Games Store)/ PS5/ Xbox Series X | S August 16th. As a reservation benefit, HUNTER’S PACK and ELITE EDITION have a season pass.