Stardew Valley: How to get clay

Stardew Valley is a life role play in the field where you will be cultivating, reaping, fishing and, in general, doing many things of nature. Within the game, there are many resources that you can use to create several articles. Some are simply aesthetic, others can really help you grow your farm in certain ways with tools. Clay is one of those resources that you will often need, so here you have how to get clay in Stardew Valley .

However, it is not easily found in the world.

How to get clay at Stardew Valley

To get clay easily, you must work the ground with a hoe. You can work anywhere from your farm to the beach (and it is recommended that you do this a lot on the beach because you are more while working there).

The mines are also a good place to find it. The worms of worms, which seem small plots of land where three worms vibrate at the top, protruding from the ground, are particularly good to get clay. The next time you meet one of these, until there with your hoe and you could get some clay in return.

In addition, if you find a geoda and take it to the blacksmith in the southeast part of Pelican, there is the possibility that the clay is what is left once its work ends. However, this is random and rarely than simply working.

Finally, you can get Clay as a gift during the Jas or Vincent Winter Star feast if you are paired with them. However, we would not recommend giving it to anyone, since they all dislike or hate it!

Why is clay used in Stardew Valley

Clay is a valuable resource that you can use to make a variety of different articles. Silo, bone mill and quality retention soil require it to manufacture, for example.

However, the greatest amount of clay that will need for a specific elaboration recipe is 10, and that is for silo. As such, it should never be something that needs a lot, unless it is producing in mass either Quality or Deluxe Retain Soil to avoid having to water your crops every day.

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