Mankusa VS Teacher Sando Box Battle ACT SCHOOLBREAK.IO Steam Release -Chaotic slapsticks that invite school collapse

TOBSPR GAMES has released 2D action sandbox Schoolbreak.io on Steam.

This work is an asymmetric 2D action sandbox competition game that divides it into a student who plays mischief and a teacher who tries to stop it. Fight a compact round that will be completed in up to 5 minutes with 6 to 10 players.

The player selected by the student squirms the teacher’s eyes, turns the trash can over, spills water in the corridor, and breaks the window glass. We aim to maximize the chaos gauge accumulated by mischief.

The player chosen by the teacher reports the students who have been looking around and their contents, and send them to the reflection room where they can not move for a certain period of time. On the other hand, if you report incorrect students and contents, you will need to be careful because you will be restrained for a while for excuses to the Timothy couple.

Main characteristics of this work

  • Abundant sandbox systems that enable cool interactions

  • Hundreds of hair, hat, accessories, body parts, etc.

  • Play on many official maps from ordinary schools to unusual schools

  • Make your own map and share with other players

  • Equipped with automatic matchmaking, in-game chat, custom lobby, and other essential functions

  • Cross play with the Android/iOS version scheduled to be released on the PC and the web version soon

SCHOOLBREAK.IO is on sale at Steam for 310 yen (10%off until July 30). In addition, the web version has been released and you can experience the game content for free.