Will the Batman 2 also canceled?

With the recent changes in the direction of Warner Bros., and the cancellation of batgirl, many have wondered if the trilogy of The Batman that Matt Reeves planned will suffer the same destination, or can reach the goal without problems. Although at the moment there are no official details, A new report has good news for all .

Through a recent Twitter Space, Erik Davis by Fandango and Umberto González of The Wrap, they talked about The Batman’s future in the cinema. Although the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery has some worried, especially considering the reports of a 10-year plan for the DCEU , the Insider have pointed out that Robert Pattinson will still carry the layer of the night of the night of the night. This was what Davis said about it:

I know that [Matt] Reeves wants to do a trilogy. We talk to Pattinson, he wants to do a trilogy. He wants to make a complete arc like Bruce Wayne. Do you think they keep the course?

For his part, González replied:

Of course. Why wouldn’t they? The first movie was a success, so I’m quite sure that they will let Reeves do his trilogy. That Batman in that universe will continue.


However, for the moment there are no official details, and although for the moment there is not much to fear, nothing rules . On related issues, Ben Affleck will resume the role of Batman for another DC movie. Similarly, this is the first advance of the crossover between Batman and Spawn.

Editor’s note:

Although perhaps it is a bit complicated, what Warner Bros should do. It is to leave the universe that Matt Reeves is building on his own, and hiring another actor to give Batman life in the DCEU.