Challenge a strong enemy with up to 4 people! VR Cooperation Swording Act ALTAIR BREAKER released on August 19 -Latest Trailer & Developer Interview

Developer THIRDVERSE, which handles VR works in Japan, announced that it will be released on August 19, a new sword fighting action for ** VR, a new sword fighting action for VR, on August 19, and newly trailers and developers interviews. It was released.

This game is a VR-only work that supports up to four online multiplayer who fights with a gesture that shakes the sword himself. Equipped with public matching and voice chat during work. It is characterized by further intense battles, such as aerial combo and special moves.

Stage design that naturally improve the battle

A new trailer shows how four people cooperated. In the developer interview, producer Akiyoshi Toriyama, Battle Director Taro Matsuda, and music in charge of music, a world view like a fantasy animation, a level design design that naturally improves players, orchestra and digital. He talked about each element that forms this work, such as songs that can be felt by the sound source and movements.

Sword of Garganture is scheduled to end on September 30, 2022

The Sword of Gargantuua compatible with PC VR/PS VR/META Quest, which can be said to be the predecessor of this work, is scheduled to end on September 30, 2022, as announced the other day. We are considering providing offline specifications that have already been sold on any platform, but have already finished selling on any platform, but are unknown, such as the time and platform, but will be able to play some kind of play even after the service ends. It has been revealed.

Altair Breaker also requires Internet connection

In addition, in the new book Altair Breaker, the Internet connection is required for gameplay , and online server connections are assumed as with Sword of Gargantu, so it is possible. Does not seem to be an equal offline play. Along with Sword of Gargantuua, it is expected to add future offline specifications.

Altair Breaker, where you can enjoy the evolved sword fighting action, will be released on August 19, 2022 for cross-platform play for PC VR (Steam/Oculus Store)/Meta Quest 2. The META Quest 2 version is compatible with cross-by with the Rift version, and you can play either one by purchasing one.