Elden Ring: Royal Ritter Loretta – Boss

In this boss guide to Elden Ring you can find out:

  • How you find the royal knight Loretta
  • What strengths and weaknesses Loretta has and…
    *… how you defeat the magical knight

The royal knight Loretta guards an optional place in Elden Ring and stands between you and one of the most extensive quests of the game. We show you how you defeat them and dust off a trophy.

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Royal Ritter Loretta: Location of the Elden-Ring boss

The royal knight Loretta awaits you at the end of the dungeon Haus Caria in Lurnia . The magical property northwest of the Raya Lucaria Academy is optional to play Rannis Quest (Guide), start Seluvis ’Quest and complete Sellens Quest (Guide), you have to cross it.

Royal Ritter Loretta: Find Boss-Arena in Caria

Stop north in the courtyard of the property on the main path. You get the spider hands small with fire . You can also summon an ashes that is at your side. A useful option is Reinfäulteritter Finlay, one of the legendary ashes in Elden Ring (Guide). In the end you enter a building by sitting a ghost. Run up the stairs and you reach the place of grace lower level of the property.

Then the path leads over a wall, from where you can also reach one of the legendary weapons in Elden Ring (Guide). Hold on the southeast and you come to a large staircase that leads into a tower. On the way ghost soldiers appear , where you can easily pass. Take the elevator and rest at the place of the grace upper level of the property.

Hold in the courtyard with the wolves northeastern until you come across a long staircase with magicians and a huge . You can handle the danger on the left, but the gigantic troll leaves a useful giant sword. At the end of the stairs, the boss arena awaits you.

royal knight Loretta: strengths and weaknesses

The royal knight Loretta is immune to all status effects . So you can forget poison, scarlet rot, frost, bleeding, death root and madness. Instead, relies on physical damage and lightning attacks. Magic and fire are not very effective, it has little resistance to sacred damage.

You should definitely equip yourself against magic damage . This is Loretta’s preferred type of attack. It also attacks with physical standard and stab damage. Her blows can be parried, but a critical blow does not get through the knight.

With these items you strengthen your resistance to magic chasing

The Magic Dragon Talisman , which you can find on the peninsula of tears, is useful against magic attacks. Cross the dungeon Earth Hall and defeat the rune bears. Brother Corhyn (Quest-Guide) also has a useful item for you: the call Magief unification. Buses him off in the table round festival for 3,500 runes. Both items strengthen your resistance to magic damage.

boss fight against royal knight Loretta

attack options against Loretta

Right from the start, Loretta relies on a mix of magical floors and struggled with her halberd. A good opportunity for a melee attack opens up as soon as Loretta sets a jump attack. She hops towards you with her horse and hits the halberd from top to bottom. Then she keeps silent-the perfect time for a strong attack. Deviates backwards after the blow and keep your distance again.

Her halbera strokes usually come in a slightly offset triple combo. After the last blow you have time for a quick attack **. If the halberd lights up briefly, follows a jump attack, in which it attacks you with two magical cuts. Defend both times opposite the direction of the stroke.

Magic attacks correctly ward off

If you stay close, the knight strikes you mainly. At medium and great distance you fly magical projectiles around your ears.

This is how you escape the magical attacks:

Großschwertphalanx: * Via Loretta, several small magical swords appear. After a short bang, they all fly towards you. Dodge against the direction of flight shortly before contact.
Magic balls: In the first phase, she fires three individual balls, which you can simply avoid. After half of the fight, she usually uses the spherical floors between two large sword phalanx salvons. Roll back and forth several times before the bullets hit.
Loretta’s grandbogen: The sorceress creates a magical large arch and shoots a huge arrow on you. Jump away immediately when she fires it.

rewards for the boss fight against Loretta

At the end of the boss fight against the royal knight Loretta, the magic Loretta’s big arch, the warrior Loretta’s cut and 20,000 runes await you.
You also get a bronze trophy and can move on to the Three Sisters area, which you need for a total of three quests.
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