Final Fantasy XIV

How to get Type V armor in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy you can get various relics. Many of them are used to travel around the world, while others are used in battle. Many of these relics can be obtained during the plot, while others can be unlocked by passing the ruins, exploring and performing other actions. This can make you ask how to get the Type V reservation relic in Tower of Fantasy.

How to unlock Type V in Tower of Fantasy

To unlock the armor of the type V in Tower of Fantasy, you must explore crown of the region and collect intelligence points. In particular, you should get 1050 intelligence points in this area. As soon as you have the necessary points, open the card and press the crown button below. Here you can unlock a relic of armor type V.

What is an armor type V. What does a type V in Tower of Fantasy do?

Type V armor is the relic of the SSR is used in battle and is easily one of the best in the game. The use of this relic will allow your character to climb in fur for about 30 seconds. You are immune to stunning and you have a powerful weapon from which you can shoot at enemies. After time, your character will come out of fur and make him explode, inflicting more damage to enemies.

How to get research points in Tower of Fantasy

There are various ways to obtain points of research and unlock the Type V armor. Most of your points will simply be obtained from studying and opening the research points. Some of them find a little more difficult, and getting a sufficient number of points for reservation of the type V may take some time. Here are all ways to get a study in crown .

  • Opening of supply capsules for the first time
  • Completion of research points

  • Research of the world
  • Completion of the ruins
  • Picturesque places
  • Spaceships
  • Omnium Tower


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