3 x red! HSV loses hectic leading video game versus Darmstadt

Ransford-Yeboah Königsdörffer (87th )’s connection goal was also late. The scorer also flew off the square (89th) after an attack.


According to evictions of Patric Pfeiffer (fourth) and Phillip Tietz (7th), Darmstadt took control of the lead. This also changed yellow-red versus Klaus Gjasula (59th, repeated nasty): the exceeded just lasted briefly, after that the Hamburg Aaron Opoku, who replace substitute, saw the red card (64.) after an assault.

Ascent favorite Hamburger SV has received a setback in the second Bundesliga. The group of coach Tim Walter lost the hectic top game with 3 references to the 5th suit day against Darmstadt 98 with 1: 2 (0: 2) and thus missed the momentary dive to the top. Hannover 96 had a clear away win.

The visitors started furiously in front of 43,943 viewers. The former Hamburg Pfeiffer headed for the lead after an edge, and also Tietz likewise concerned the header from a brief range when he was struck.

At the beginning of the 2nd half, Walter brought Jean-Luc Dompe, who was only worked with on Thursday. Darmstadt proceeded to play onward. Tietz failed due to HSV goalkeeper Daniel Heuer Fernandes (50th). Hamburg after that increased the stress, according to the recommendations, it became hectic.

Kittel also set a complimentary kick over the goal (31st). Darmstadt mostly had the action under control in the first round.

There were lots of decisions that were very busy. It was a psychological game, said HSV sporting activities supervisor Jonas Boldt atSkies _, that likewise saw yellow-red. Boldt felt dissatisfaction with the game.

Hannover shoots Magdeburg

The tried and examined third division champion couldn’t believe of much in the second round. Muroya decided early.

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Hannover 96 is gradually getting going. The group of train Stefan Leitl celebrated a 4-0 (2-0) success at 1. +1) the 4th loss in the fifth game.

The team of coach Tim Walter lost the stressful top video game with three references to the fifth suit day versus Darmstadt 98 with 1: 2 (0: 2) and thus missed the temporary dive to the top. According to the entrances of Patric Pfeiffer (4th) as well as Phillip Tietz (7th), Darmstadt took over the lead. It was a psychological game, stated HSV sporting activities supervisor Jonas Boldt atSkies _, who also saw yellow-red. +1) the 4th loss in the fifth game.

We needed to run a great deal. We were extremely grippy total. It was a fully grown as well as excellent efficiency, said Leitl atSkies _.

The hosts originally remained harmless in front of 23,908 spectators, yet then awarded a dual possibility by Leon Bell as well as Connor Krempicki (39. ). Hanover struck once again after a corner via Krajnc. Goalkeeper Dominik Reimann really did not look excellent.

A Funding mistake by Silas Gnaka gave the guests the lead. The main protector played the round in his very own charge area on Beier, that luckily accepted the gift. After an additional carelessness of the Magdeburg defensive, Nicolo Tresoldi missed out on the second objective (24th).