Unterhaching go back to the top in Fürth

There was no victor in between 1. FC Nürnberg II and the SpVgg Ansbach (green). Imago/zinc

On Saturday evening, TSV Aubstadt got the Viktoria Aschaffenburg, the midfield duel ended 1-1. It was an amusing, intensive game in which Laverty placed the visitors in the lead with a reduced shot (23rd), yet Endres promptly headed the 1-1 equalization (31st). Both had opportunities of the winning objective in the 2nd round, however it stuck with just draw.

SpVggs uncompromising

In the end, last year’s 3rd division won 4-1, the exceptional team was particularly well deserved in the initial 45 mins. After a counterattack, Dobruna brought the SpVgg 1-0 in the lead (15th), yet the Munich group only responded with a slatted hit by Auburger, then with the 1: 1 via timber, which positioned a bound arch light in the objective (25. ). Yannick Woudstra then transformed the game in support of the visitors a little later (29 ).

In the 2nd min of the game, the FCB back team was levered out with a basic cross pass, Black timber pushed versus the direction of the goalkeeper. Bayern II was constantly attempted in this game as well as rapidly allow the sphere run through its very own rankings. In half two, the Munichers tossed whatever ahead again, but alternatively, lack of focus in the structure of the game always led to dangerous counter-chances for 1.


On Friday evening, the about 2500 spectators at Dallenberg obtained a regional league paper at the begin of the 7th game day in the local organization Bavaria. If the mountain climber, that led the organization after six match days with 15 factors, went right into the game as a very easy favored, but at the starting it was the Würzburg specialist team, which put the guests under a lot of pressure. The permanent stress was as a result compensated in the 13th minute of the game with the 1-0 lead goal.

After the change of sides, the climber acted much more courageously from a min as well as now also place accents onward. One of these pinpricks led to the attaching objective soon later on. An excellent regional organization game currently created with opportunities on both sides.

The 1. FC Nürnberg II as well as the SpVgg Ansbach in 2-2 the factors. It was an amusing game of both Center Franconian challengers, in which the Ansbacher went 1-0 ahead after 15 mins with an own objective of Katsianas-Sanchez. However before the break, the club responded to with a dual pack: at first, Vonic had no problem with the 1-1 (35th) after Joachims template from around 8 meters, then he put the 2: 1 after a strike on the left side (43. ). Yet the very first 45 mins had another gag line: Schelhorn racked up worth seeing from the charge location to 2: 2 equalization (45th). Goals no much longer fell in round two, however the roughly 400 spectators reached see a game, which was mainly open in the direction of the end. Both groups played for victory, but in the end it continued to be the fair division. Ansbach remains the bottom line.

It was not long, the lead: With a narrow 1-0 at SpVgg Greuther Fürth II, SpVgg Unterhaching won the 5th success in the seventh game and replaced the DJK Vilzing, which shed in Würzburg the day before. In rainy climate, the eleven of instructor Sandro Wagner was the far better team after a behavior beginning, but Fürth held the absolutely no throughout the break. In the second round, also, Kleeblatt goalkeeper Gkouma showed a strong performance, at the objective of the day, a co-production of 2 jokers, he was ultimately vulnerable: Mashigo laid in the penalty location throughout the Feetsch, who did not have any kind of problems with the 1: 1: 0 had (63. ). Fürth was now trying, yet Haching-Torwart Vollath might hardly check. The visitors remained to check the game as well as also deservedly won, albeit lackluster.

Eichstätt goes swimming

, if VfB Eichstätt had actually verified its comeback qualities in the 3-2 win against 1.. FC Nürnberg II after 1. FC Nürnberg, the guys of Matthias Mattes had the ability to most likely to FC Pipinsried on Friday evening at FC Pipinsried von no more recuperate a tragic very first fifty percent of the game. After specifically 40 mins it was currently 4-0-das game determined at an onset. The start of the game was very negative for Eichstätt. Currently in the second minute of play, Mwarome hammered the sphere into the mesh after an inadequately clarified corner from around 20 meters. Only openly reminder changes later the doorbell rang again-and once more it was an objective in the dream goal group. Ricter involved the sphere centrally in front of the goal, transformed about his own axis and also placed the leather in the left kink by regulation. The Pipinsrieder Sturmlauf was awarded again in min 28. After a corner there was a stoked in the five-meter space of the visitors, Lobenhofer changed the fastest and pushed the sphere over the line. And also it came also worse for Eichstätt. Soon prior to the break, the FCP combined exemplary over the left side as much as the baseline, the following flank landed exactly at Idrizovic, which netted from a short distance (40th). After the adjustment of sides, VfB got a fine from a nasty from Langen, which subsequently flogged from the square with yellow-red to a fine, which Eberle safely sank to 1: 4, however in general the air ran out the game. Pipinsried didn’t have to, Eichstätt could not. Ultimately, a totally been entitled to house win of the FCP.

On the other hand, the meeting in between Wacker Burghausen as well as TSV Buchbach ended without a champion. Despite 2 management, the house side can not keep the three points in Burghausen. At Bachschmid’s flight headball goal to 1-0, Buchbach located the right answer in the individual of Ammari shortly before the break. The exact same game after the modification of sides. In the exceeded jayo, the website traffic light card had seen the website traffic light card in minute 76 the supposed Lucky Strike shortly before the end. As in half-time one, the last word was once more with the visitors who pertained to match in the 4th minute of stoppage time.

As a result of the ongoing hefty rain, the game of TSV Rain/Lech, which was likewise scheduled for Friday evening, needed to be terminated against FC Augsburg II. A different day is not taken care of. The game set on matchday 2 between the SpVgg Hankofen-Hailing as well as TSV Rain/Lech has actually at the same time been republished by the Bavarian Football Association. The game will occur on Tuesday, September 13th at 5:30 p.m.

It was an entertaining game of the two Middle Franconian challengers, in which the Ansbacher went 1-0 in front after 15 minutes via an own objective of Katsianas-Sanchez. Goals no longer fell in round two, however the about 400 spectators got to see a game, which was primarily open in the direction of the end. The permanent pressure was subsequently rewarded in the 13th min of the game with the 1-0 lead objective. In half 2, the Munichers threw whatever ahead once again, however on the other hand, lack of concentration in the structure of the game always led to dangerous counter-chances for 1. After the change of sides, VfB obtained a fine from a foul from Langen, which as a result flogged from the square with yellow-red to a fine, which Eberle safely sank to 1: 4, yet on the whole the air was out of the game.

On the opening goal of Wanner in minute 18, the visitors complied with the 2nd goal through Teranuma before the break. It was likewise the latter who surrendered to the final knockout strike after the adjustment of sides, as well as made a decision the game with his double pack in the 57th minute in support of his colors.