Phantom Hellcat: Action

At the same time, a teaser was provided by Phantom Hellcat, the brand-new IP of the workshop. This dynamic, perspective-changing action journey should appear for consoles and PCs.

All in! Games (recognized for the magazine of Ghostrunner, Chernobylite, and so on) revealed the opening of Ironbird Creations, an interior development workshop throughout the Gamescom Opening Night Live

Ironbird Creations was started to create new top quality activity IPs, said Norman Lenda, Creative Supervisor of Ironbird Creations. The team has a lot of nostalgia for the activity video game age of the 2010 and also wanted to visit them with each other once more.


You handle the duty of the rebellious jolene, which commits the negative error to damage the seal of a cursed movie theater that is full of hazardous measurements full of inflated props. The movie theater seal that outlawed the darkness is damaged as well as the evils secured it captures Jole’s mother. Tales of humankind quickly spread, which will have devastating impacts on the globe.