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How to get without regrets in Destiny 2: God Rolls and the best advantages for without regrets

Season 18 was officially launched in Destiny 2. With a new season, new weapons, armor and much more to shake the PVP experience. But why bother looking for new things, when you can choose the best PVP shotgun of the game? That’s where Without Remsors enters, a solar energy shotgun. Today we are going to discuss How to get without regrets and what is the roll of God for that in Destiny 2.

How to get without regrets in Destiny 2


How to get without regrets in Destiny 2

* See the helm and claims the Nightmare Harvester device.

Start by going to the helm. When loading, lower the stairs to the left and visit the crown of pain. When you select it, you can claim the Nightmare Harvester. This is the tool that you will need to gain opulent threshold energy, which we will talk about in a moment.

* Play Nightmare containment

Return to your destination center and go to the moon. From there, in the lower left corner, you will see the Castellum node as shown below. Select it and charge it in the public nightmare containment event. At the end, you will get opulent threshold energy.

* Use your opulent threshold energy to get without remorse

After getting enough energy, return to Crown of Sorrow at the Helm. Once you have collected at least 27 from Opulent Umbral Energy, you can buy your own copy of Without Remsors.

Without remorse God Roll

As mentioned earlier, Without Remsors is a first level PVP shotgun, possibly the best. But what combination of advantages allows you to be the best? According to, the pair of best qualified advantages that is considered the God roll for the weapon is hip grip and fragile approach . This combo allows the weapon to have greater scope, precision, stability and more when used in coordination with each other.

No matter what class or subclass you use, this shotgun will be of great benefit for all the configurations you can create. An excellent option for melee combat and aggressive play styles.

Can you make crafts without regrets?

Bet! Without Remourse is one of the four shotguns throughout the game that can be manufactured. To manufacture the weapon, you must first get five versions of deep vision. These are the versions of weapons with red edges, as shown in the image above. To get this unique version of the weapon, you can get a random when completing Nightmare Containment, or random buying a copy of Crown of Sorrow. Once you get a deep view of it, you can eliminate the weapon to extract your pattern. After collecting the five necessary patterns, you can go to the enclave on Mars to create your own roll without regrets.

That is all you need to know about How to get without remorse in Destiny 2. to get more related information and other Destiny 2 news, including frequent updates of what is coming in the universe, see our articles related below.

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