Switch Oled on thousands of hours and this was what happened

When Nintendo Switch Oled went on sale last year, many users were sure that their screen would not last long alive due to the materials with which it is made. And for that reason, some youtubers have experienced with this, having results that now exceed almost all indices of possible negative outcomes.

The user known as Wulff Den demonstrated on another occasion that the Switch Oled could accumulate 3600 hours of continuous use and not have too many problems, nothing beyond slight spots that leave after having a break. But now, he wanted to go further in the experiment, reaching 7,000 continuous hours with just some damages that are noticed just being very close.

Here the video:


That means that pixel burned will be presented after leaving the console on for a long time, so casual users of the Nintendo Nintendo may be sure that it is very likely to burn. This at least that the same period that demonstrated the Youtuber **, and that must be constantly connected to the current so as not to turn off.

In news related to Nintendo Switch. It was recently reported by a data collection, which Sonic Frontiers will have considerable weight in the console. Still is the largest game of Sonic in this device. In case you want to take a look at the complete note, we invite you to click on the following link.