Destiny 2

How to get treasure coordinates in Destiny 2

The robbery season in Destiny 2 began successfully: a guard, a monastery, Aido, Mizraaks and Spider go hunting. Despite the fact that Eramis rallied the team around him and went in search of ancient treasures, the forces of light are not going to let her go. Part of this quest includes a literal hunt for treasures, where the guard needs to track the treasure coordinates to obtain additional production.

where to find the treasure coordinates in Destiny 2

The coordinates of the treasures are issued for the completion of the raids, matches of the crucible, the gambit, lost sectors and other actions. For the performance of these actions, you will receive from 15 to 40 coordinates of treasures. Nevertheless, guards can increase the chance of falling treasure coordinates, putting on the armor armor. Each part (with the exception of class items) gives an additional 5%, summing up 20%.

Treasure coordinates are used when performing the Expedition task and at the end they will open an additional chest with prey. Depending on the fragments of the card used, there will be different awards, such as more flicker, seasonal armor and much more. This is a great way to passively increase your prey, since the treasure coordinates can be obtained during other actions, and the expedition is part of the line of seasonal quests. Thus, make sure you spend them!

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