Bauermanns European Champion column: Wagner and also a German benefit

_ Dirk Bauermann (64) won the German nationwide team around Dirk Nowitzki 2005 EM silver and also trained the DBB option in total for a great 8 years (WM 1994, 2003 to 2011). With Leverkusen and also Bamberg, Bauermann won nine German championship titles as a trainer. He has been a nationwide trainer of Tunisia considering that February 2020, won the African Championship as well as offers lectures on the subjects of inspiration, success and also team building. _.

The third winner is the target market, also in front of the displays. The 18,000 viewers in the Cologne sector have experienced a thrilling game, likewise with a positive result for the German team.

The first victor is of program the German national team, that created this victory hard, but has actually also proven substantial specific class in essential minutes later. The third winner is the target market, likewise in front of the displays. The 18,000 spectators in the Fragrance sector have actually experienced an astonishing game, likewise with a positive end result for the German group. What is added: it also has a huge percentage of the group’s protective stamina. Modern-day huge men that likewise make it easier for Maodo, Franz as well as Dennis if they broaden the video game again and also once more as well as remove the method to the basket due to the fact that they likewise go via their challengers.

It was also fascinating to satisfy 2 various systems in the battle with Lithuania. Except for Wohlfarth-Bottermann, all huge players are additionally unsafe from the outside. Modern large males who also make it simpler for Maodo, Franz and also Dennis if they broaden the game again as well as once again and also remove the method to the basket due to the fact that they likewise go through their opponents.

Generally, this triad is so important for the German group due to the fact that you need two or 3 shot developers in modern basketball. Individuals who create excellent throws for themselves or others from individually scenarios and can additionally change difficult throws themselves.

Maodo Lo always acts really smartly when he strikes from blocks away and also is constantly dangerous as a result of his throw from the dribbling, particularly his action back-back triangular can rarely be protected against by the challengers. Therefore, he supplied really essential points and also Dennis Schröder took obligation in stages in which the team tottered, had a threesome as well as might not be stopped from the dribbling. That was 3 individually thrilling services!

Hereafter wonderful basketball mid-day in Fragrance, there are three winners as well as a really unfortunate loser das admirable fighting Lithuanian team. The very first winner is of course the German nationwide group, who developed this victory hard, yet has likewise shown massive specific course in vital minutes later. The 2nd winner is basketball. This European Champion is dipped into an extremely high level, although we are only in the preliminary round. There are a lot of close, superior games, that has never ever been the situation with an EM in my memory.

A German triad has a big component. Technically as well as private tactically, Franz Wagner showed an outright first-rate level against Lithuania. He has great variability in his game. He tosses effectively, both from the activity and from the stand. This is incredibly helpful for a young player of 21 years. What is included: it likewise has a big percentage of the team’s protective stamina. It is what mine calls a Two-Way player that not only plays incredibly offending, yet additionally raises well in the back.


In an event you require simply slim success in which an item of luck is likewise required. In this regard, it was a very vital, wonderful basketball mid-day.

Besides that, I wish to discuss a player that is not always in emphasis: Daniel Theis. He worked extremely how he physically opposed the massive mass and physique of Valanciunas, was worth all honors and impressed me.

Dirk Bauermann. Imago/VCG