Valorant in PlayStation and Xbox: Riot is working on it, but already had problems in the past

Valorant still does not announce the long-awaited PlayStation and Xbox in which ** will mean one of Riot Games’s biggest challenges. That redouble efforts. Not only with the shorter, also with Wild Rift from which we will have to wait until 2023 to know more information about your jump to console.

At the moment we have no advance or confirmed date in Valorant, although today the job offer of Senior Game Designer for the consoles’ version of the same remains active on the Riot website. If you were lagging behind and want to apply, I leave you the link.

Play valorant with command is possible

Although there is currently no console version, If you are curious to try valorant with command, you can do it . To do this you have to download a program called Reward, which has a free 14-day test and with which you set your command to the game.

Several content creators such as Black or Hatbox already have reacted or played with this peripheral . In fact, Giants content creator ended in silver I after finishing his positioning games.

The ruling that the command today has, and possibly it is for what they are taking to get the consoles project is in the aim assist_ since for command it is practically null.

The consoles, the great pending subject of Riot


In PC, Riot Games is one of the main references of the sector, and more with the launch in recent years of games such as Valorant or Wild Rift. However, they have not found the key in their jump to the consoles, becoming an objective to be resolved by the company in the medium term both with the MOB and with the SPF. At the moment, we will have to wait with Wild Rift , since until the year that comes we will not have more information about your jump to consoles

What offers no doubt is that Valorant has wicker, as far as gameplay terms, to incorporate a command and not need the mouse and keyboard to enjoy this shorter that every day Win more followers

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