Fortnite – Cronus Max: the most hated AIMBOT tool, on the blacklist of Epic Games

Fortnite’s competitive panorama is still full of cheats? It will not be because Epic Games is not doing everything possible to limit this phenomenon. We say this because the developer has just hit the table at the beginning of season 4 of Chapter 3.

So much so that he has a look set at Cronus Max, an economic device, which allows having an aim assistant and a setback reducer, totally illegally . A third-party tool that can be fun to use in solo games or with friends, but in competitive games it is not.


permanent ban for those who dare

Epic Games does not appreciate at all the listings that used a Cronus Max to win tournaments with a prize in metallic and other competitions. In the latest patch notes published by Epic, it is specified that those who use these third-party tools will receive a warning in the game and must immediately disconnect the CRONUS. Otherwise, it is directly the permanent prohibition that the player could suffer.

Keep in mind that Epic Games reserves the right to expand its strictly prohibited third party tools, and that its use goes against the terms and conditions of use of Fortnite.

Is a late measure?

This mediated one taken from Epic Games is appreciated, but the community would have liked the sanction to arrive a little earlier… In fact, we know from around 2018 that the Cronus Max allows you to improve your shot skills in the play.

So much so that tutorials about the use of this addition are still on YouTube, and it is a safe bet that this competitive trap method has wreaked havoc in the past.