Pierce Brosnan is pronounced with disdain on who should be the new 007

It follows the search for a new 007 after the goodbye of Daniel Craig and the lt to pronounce on the future of the character h been Pierce Brosnan, who will play the iconic spy between 1995 and 2002. The actor h been Surprised with the issue in an interview for GQ in which it even seemed annoying with the theme . What who should do it? I don’t care, although it will be interesting to see who they catch. Whoever it is, I wish you luck .

During the exchange with the publication, the actor also recognizes having seen the most recent deliveries of the saga, but it cannot be said that they have fcinated him, at let not time to die, of which does not even remember the name . I saw the lt movie and I also saw Sky fall. The magazine clarifies that he left thought in the air, not wanting to make more blood .

It is not the first time that Bosnian is pronounced with disdain over the series, because he h always recognized that does not like to remember that time and that, although he admits that he w well and opened doors, he hated many things to interpret to Bond, like all those ingenious phres that usually worship people. For the actor, nor his performance did justice to the character, nor the character did justice to him, so he hates that he reminds him of such.


The ce of Bosnian is curious, since many remind him of him one of the most representative faces of 007, but He only made Bond for seven years . Seven years in which he gave him time to make, yes, some of the best films in the franchise. There were four, to be exact: Golden eye, tomorrow never dies, the world is never enough and dies another day. However, this week we have had evidence that now the character’s producers want a ten-year commitment by his next star.

A decade in which would always have priority in the calendar and the agenda of the chosen 1. That they tell a Daniel Craig who h barely lted during the nearly fifteen years he h lted in his skin, during which he h lamented on more than one occion . Can the current candidates for 007 (Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, etc.) put their lives in Stand By for so long? We will see, although it seems that the choice of the next Bond seems to go for long.