Lol: The champion that nobody plays correctly and with whom Riot Games no longer knows what to do

If League of Legends players had to quickly compose a Tier List with the best game champions, it is very likely that Heparin was among the aforementioned characters. However, when we check our sensations with reality we would have a surprise. This spectral fusion between a man and his beast is barely able to win 47.3% of the games that are disputed taking into account all the ranges of the video game. However, the situation that motivates this poor performance about the invoked crack is not even from afar to him being a bad character.


The champion that only one in three players can use

When analyzing the situation in Heparin somewhat more detained, we realize that it is the players who are destroying the champion. It is not that he is a particularly complicated hero to use or is reserved for community members with the highest MMR. Instead, the main problem that the character is suffering begins in the champions’ selection phase and culminates when he buys his first object. If we pull combined probability, Only 8% of the games in which the ‘PEI Picador’ does with its optimal configuration of objects and runes appears. As hard as it sounds.

This situation is not unprecedented in League of Legends. Many times players in the lowest ranges blindly follow the constructions of items carried out by professional or higher level players. The premise is that, being the true experts of the video game, they will have some reason to make these types of decisions. However, this time there is no excuse for them either. In ranges equal to or higher than Diamond 2, which is the group considered as the elite by Riot Games, Most of the community is betting on the worst of all possible objects .

In the highest ranges, divine heartbreaking is the first most popular object for Heparin. It is chosen in more than half of the items despite offering a rate of victories of 48.7%. Meanwhile, the Trinity (53.4%) is only chosen in one in ten games. Similar situations experience sucking (53.2%), eclipse (51.6%) or turbo chemotanque (51.4%). The scenario with the runes is also similar. Conqueror is chosen as a key option in three out of four items despite having a three percentage points lower than phase jump.

The data expresses a reality that could be summarized in that Heparin is one of the worst champions used by the community . Although in the best combinations of objects and runes of it is could be gaining a figure much higher than 50% of the items, the community is systematically choosing an unhealthy equipment causing it to seem much worse than it is. It is an evil that, in addition, has been reproducing time and has been able to disrupt Riot Games’s plans. Although everything is said, the truth is that the developer is not helping League of Legends players to maintain their worst items as recommended.

In this sense, Riot Games seems to be satisfied with the state of Heparin. The developers have not wanted to make changes for the next patch 12.19. However, everything will depend on happening in the Worlds 2022. If professionals begin to use it with those who seem to be their best objects, it is very likely that the champion of quality jump in the qualifying games and ends up improving only thanks to that League of Legends players will have learned what their best items are.