Following the release of the Steam version Chaos; Head Noah, protest online signature activities will begin. Valve gave calls for direct

Spike Chen Soft also announced on October 3 to suspend the release of Steam version Chaos; Head Noah for domestic. The company announced that it was canceled overseas on October 1.

The Steam version of this work was originally scheduled to be distributed on October 8, so it was decided to be canceled just one week ago just before the delivery. The reason for this is the existence of Steam’s guidelines. Following the announcement, protests for Valve have begun, mainly overseas.

Chaos; Head Noah is an adventure game created by 5pb. (Currently Mages.). Introduced a new element in Chaos; Head released in 2008, and was released in 2009 for the Xbox 360 in 2009 as the first of the scientific adventure series developed by the company. It has been transplanted to many models, and recently the nintendo Switch version was released in Japan in February this year. In the Steam version and overseas Nintendo Switch version, which was released this time, English was the first time.

As the overseas Nintendo Switch version has not changed as expected on October 7, only the Steam version was released. For this reason, Spike Chen Soft will not be able to release the game original in the Steam guidelines (regulations), and if corrected according to the regulations, the game characteristics will be significantly impaired. Therefore, it will be finally judged.


In this work, the story of Tatum Said, the main character, encounters a continuous bizarre murder case. While beautiful girl characters appear in various ways, a terrible killing site is also described. For this reason, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch versions are rated to HERO: Z (only for 18 years old or older), and some expressions have been changed in other versions. Although it is not clear which item of the Steam guidelines violated, there seems to be a problem that the development of such a cruel description has become a problem with children (high school students) (related article).

Following the release of this Steam version, overseas fans of the Science Adventure Series have launched an online signature campaign called Project: Save Chaos; HEAD in Change.org. Valve, which runs Steam, is specified for the signing destination, and is aimed at overturning Valve’s judgment so that Chaos; Head Noah can be released on Steam with the original expression.

In the campaign, it is well known in a bad sense that Valve criteria for anime-style visual novels are not consistent, and Head Noah is the latest victim. He also states that visual novel is unjustly treated, even with similar expressions. He also mentioned that the Nintendo Switch version of this work has acquired rating in North America and Europe without any problems, and has also mentioned that Valve is a unique existence. 。

In addition to the online signature, there is also a call to apply directly to Valve President Gabe Newell. Newell has published an email address and is known to sometimes reply to his fans.

In Steam, the successor Chaos; Child, which contains the same expression as Chaos; Head Noah, was released in 2019. Nevertheless, the release of Chaos; Head Noah was not fulfilled. Although it is possible that a specific expression for this work only became a problem, it would be no wonder that fans would feel that Valve standards are not consistent. At the time of the writing, about 3,000 people agree with the above-mentioned online signatures. Does it lead to changing Valve’s guidelines and judgment policies?

The spike Chen Soft is considering selling the PC version CHAOS; HEAD NOAH on other platforms as a development after the release of the Steam version. They will guide them as soon as they are ready.