Refusing heart disease Chinese folk mystery solving horror Paper costume 3 overwhelming puzzle amount and highly perfection [Special repo]

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Among them, many people want to know the content of this game, and think so. Therefore, it is this project ** freshly squeezed! I would like to deliver the actual content clearly. If you want to see the rich play, don’t forget the explosive speed play repo.

This time, paper costumes 3 mandatory bond is attractive for overwhelming number of puzzles and high perfection.

What is paper costume 3 mandible bond?

This is the third work of the Chinese folk mystery solving horror paper costume series by HEARTBEAT PLUS. In this work, the protagonist has renewed, and the expressiveness, story nature, and thrill feeling are further upgraded from the previous work paper costume 2 Sushi Village.

According to the store page, it was said that the previous work was developed with 80 % of the players who thought that the feeling of throb was not enough (it seems that it is too scary to release with 100 %). Also, as in the previous work, the play of the patient with a heart disease is not recommended .

The story is set in Suzuki Village and floating roads, which are close to Zozuzu-mura, which also became the stage of the previous work. When a pair of lovers returned to Suzuki Village, they were involved in the customs of the village and cursed events. Let’s unravel this work, which is about 2.44 times scarier than the previous work!

Story Points Part 1! Overwhelming number of puzzles

Speaking of horror games, the mystery solving puzzle element is attached. This work will also solve various puzzles according to the progress of the story, regardless of the example. The basic game progress is to select a place to be worried about by pointing and click, collect items that are the key to solving mystery, and solve puzzles.

And noteworthy is the amount of puzzle . I didn’t count exactly, but it was so huge enough to think it was nearly 100. There are a wide variety of puzzles, from very difficult ones to troublesome time.

Although it is a puzzle that will be the main content of this work, hints are implemented in each 1. The hint is quite kind, describing how to use almost all items, displaying the answer of the puzzle. There is a cool time to display hints, but it is only a few seconds, so it is useful when you want to use it for a puzzle that you can’t solve or concentrate on the story.

Story Points Part 2! High-level perfection

The abundance of the puzzle is one of the charms of this work, but the story, illustration and BGM are also very complete **.

The story starts from the introduction and develops up to Chapter 5. The story progresses at a good tempo while relocating the stage, such as a modern floating road market from the countryside of Suzuki Village in the countryside, and is finished in the right volume that does not get tired of the player. In addition, there is a gimmick that allows ** the hero’s lover to capture while switching, and is cleverly entangled with the puzzle element.

Illustrations and BGM are also raising the charm of this work. The story is compatible with full voices (Chinese), and the insert songs and ending themes greatly excite the story. Especially in the end, including paintings in the play, it will be a must-see content .

Paper costumes 3 Shakur bonds were very complete and have achieved orthodox evolution as a series. ** The Japanese translation is almost uncomfortable, and only a few places are worrisome. The translation of the store page was anxious, but it was fine. However, it may be difficult to read because it uses a lot of familiar kanji in Japan.

The play time is about 3 hours using hints. If you want to clear it without using it at all, it will not end in one day, but the amount of puzzles is so large that you think it would not be possible to clear it. As a horror game, there may be individual differences, but I didn’t feel so scared. There are jumping care (surprise production), but there are not so many, so it is a work that can be recommended for beginners.

After playing, you will surely want to play the previous work and previous work, and the next work as soon as possible. For such a person, a great bundle that combines trilogy is on sale, so why not play it?