Trousers Pursuit adds a notch to his belt

The enrichment of the adventure arrived instead last July in the type of New Video game +. The choice appears after completing the adventure for the first time. At the foot of the bed, Dave will discover a new note that notes goals. You will need to search inside out home and comprehend exactly how to integrate every one of this in an additional mission a little a lot more fanciful than the primary one.


_ Realized on Computer by Grifter from a variation provided by the author. _.

Admittedly, all this will not change Pants Mission into a standard of the adventure game, but we nevertheless salute the initiative.

In the rank of uniqueness, we notice that Dave starts to speak; Or allows claim instead that its discussions are gone along with by Borborygmes. Thesewophave the merit of providing range to the sound style after the incessant rainfall as well as persistent meowing. It should also be noted that the video game is now geared up with 18 Steam successes, some of which are unique to New Game +.

It’s Halloween. As well as also if Pants Mission is far from contending for the most terrifying game, he nonetheless takes the chance to put himself in the shades of this event. If you introduce the video game around October 31, you will find Dave’s home decorated for the occasion: ghost drapes, pumpkins and also some versions on which our character can have things to claim. The whole is still purely aesthetic, that does not in any kind of means affect the original adventure as well as does not bring any brand-new mission. And also if you never ever value, an option in the food selections enables you to go back to the basic decoration.