Streamer uses flute to play Modern Warfare 2 and hits unbelievable shooting

This time we are not talking about Elden Ring, with players using bananas , guitars or dance rugs, but Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and a streamer that got an incredible shot (besides elimination) using a flute .

What do you mean a flute?

Streamers are using their creativity and connecting electronic devices diverse to their computers to use as controls . The idea is to use unusual things like musical instruments. And, oddly enough, they get some notable achievements.

Deanobeano decided to do this with a flute and the result can be seen in the video below. An elimination with a single shot… Something Not every player can .

It is evident that he was laughing from the beginning, but at some point he was inspired and, as his followers are commenting on YouTube, He believed and got the accurate shot with the flute, ensuring the elimination and a moment somewhat striking.

Its clip is becoming quite popular among netizens and being widely publicized. After Missmikka Completing her first challenge in Elden Ring (she used the dance carpet) she just didn’t stop and always comes back from time to time with something creative.

comes more out there?

It seems that playing this way is becoming a fever among some streamers, but this still does not seem to have arrived in azil. Will we ever see someone getting a Entails in League of Legends using a clarinet, or even a Valiant headshot with a guitar?

It’s hard to say how far it can go, as simple things can easily become a trend. This is so with dances, terms and, of course, challenges, so it would not be a surprise if many streamers from different parts of the world decided to start with this new gameplay category category.