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LOL: Metagaming surprises with double victory against Eclipse and crossed in the Chile Super Cup

A new competition begins within the competitive world of League of Legends now in Chilean lands the Super Cup is carried out where the teams come to demonstrate their level before the opening tourney Current monarchs, the fight begins to get a new title in this competition.

Starting with Rebirth against Eclipse Gaming, things got interesting since the beginning of the game because both teams began to demonstrate their new skills, the surprise is RESHOOT who managed to take control of the lower part to be able to climb quickly during the contest that gradually turns in favor of EG that takes the first victory.

During the second metagaming battle he faced eclipse gaming in an intense game where the finish line began to propose faster things to deny the opponents by having a Jinx in the hands of manifest accompanied by a managed lulu For Luck we saw a very strong lower lane that ended up leaving things favorable to them and took the afternoon victory.

In the third contest metagaming fought against eSports where the first day of action would end but before that we would have a battle where both squads will propose great things, but it would be the Diego of Little who gave the surprise with A Build from Frank would have a complete domain of the jungle to be able to settle the battle in his favor.

With this concludes the first day of clashes to be able to make things clear with a metagaming team that manages to take a double victory within this cup, with this result it is placed in a very good position to rest the end of week and prepare for the next date, with a deployment of surprise emotions things will be very interesting.