Still Steel! T1 2022 Rolled Cup Final Match Points

It was a repeated match with steel. On the 6th, the T1 won the match point in the Super Play, which was repeated in the three sets of the 2022 Rolled Cup finals held at the San Francisco Chase Center.

From the third set van pic, there was a slight change in the champion tier. Bars, who had been active in both sets and two sets, emerged as the target of the pick, and Matrix, the hottest pick in the tournament, became a tier and became a van at the second phase. As a result, the T1 completed the combination that emphasized the line war, and the DRX completed a combination that focused on one other.

In the beginning of the game, the T1, which was immersed in the bottom line, took the first goal by catching the Big of Hong Changchun, Hong Changchun. However, the DRX also gave Batista in the process, and the T1’s line-up advantage continued, consumed three fluctuations. In order not to lose here, the DRX was somehow consumed the messenger with the dragon, and the turret shield gold was also minimized to minimize the difference in gold. As a result, T1 and DRX were finished with the composition of the line.

One shot first occurred in 12 minutes. The fight began with the initiation of ‘Zeta’ Kim Gun-woo’s Sinus against the Air of ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk. In addition to the further fighting after catching the mid of each other, ‘Kama Sushi’ Lee Minifying was directed forward to catch the right, and at that moment, ‘Gift’ Kim Ryukyu’s Batista arrived and caught the enemy.

This type of composition has occurred several times up to 20 minutes. It was a series of DRX chasing and catching the T1, which was first caught by the DRX, or pushed out the camp and ate the dragon. When the T1, which is relatively difficult, plays super play, it was a continuation of the country where DRX calmly settled.

As the global gold was kept tight, an important fight was held around 24 minutes. ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk laid down while pressing the tower turret, and DRX struck Baron for the gap. In the midst of the almost all Baron, the owner Moon Tae-hyun dug into Baron Nest, and the T1 scored a big score as he succeeded in Baron Steel and continued to play as it was.

T1 then rolls the game at a high speed, pushes almost all enemy turrets and pushes the bottom side suppressor. The money earned by Baron Play exceeded 5,000 won, and the difference was greatly widened by gaining one more time on the side without ending it.

The decisive moment occurred in another 30 minutes ahead of the soul. In the midst of the T1’s dragon, the mark Hong Changchun succeeded in the dragon steel, and he was also successful in catching the owner Moon Tae-hyun at another stage. DRX attacked Baron in a gap without an opponent. However, while Kim Gun-woo was checking his enemy, he prevented Baron’s attack and laid down, and even Baron was still stole as a pierced arrow of Kama Sushi Lee Minifying Bars.

The T1 finished the game that was fiercely sieged with the owner Moon Tae-hyun and ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk, who came back one more time from another. Indeed, both teams made super play by still on the object steel, and that part was the win or loss of the game.